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The 25th session China International Plastic Rubber Industrial Exhibition
Welcome toYILI Machinery Booth No. 2.1D71  
Exhibition Time:  May 17 – 20. 2011
Exhibition Site:   China CBCSD Guangzhou CBCSD China import and export fair Pazhou
Exhibition Organizer:  China
's foreign trade exhibition company in Guangzhou
Exhibition sponsors:  
European plastic and rubber industrial machinery manufacturers association
Overseas support unit:  Japan plastic machinery association
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I.   Brief Introduction:
CHINAPLAS CHINAPLAS 'in 26 years is committed to provide high quality rubber industry trade platform, support and promote rubber industry development spare no effort. Exhibition of propaganda slogans - "xiangsu high-tech CBCSD up-sprouted provided on", will continue to cooperate with the industry's future. The exhibition will constantly, with home industry for multiple introduced high-end and innovation HXS technology application, provide innovative strength, and industry to grow together.
II.  Nine theme special zone for convenient buyers search suppliers:
Auxiliary& testing instrument
Chemical & raw material
Tooling & processing equipment
Injection machine
Plastic packaging & blow molding machine
Other processing machinery
Semi-finished goods
China's export machinery & raw material hall
III. Exhibition range:
·                                 Auxiliary equipment
·                                 Blow molding machines
·                                 Chemical and raw materials, auxiliary materials
·                                 Extruder and extrusion production line
·                                 injection
·                                 Computer aided design and production systems
·                                 Beforehand processing, recycling machinery and equipment
·                                 Modify, packaging, printing and printed label machinery and equipment
·                                 Foam, reaction or enhance resin machinery
·                                 Measurement, control and test equipment
·                                 mould
·                                 parts
·                                 After processing and other processing machinery
·                                 compressor
·                                 Semi-finished goods
·                                 Welding Machine
IV. CHINAPLAS CHINAPLAS visit object include the following industry products manufacturers/distributors/agent/service unit:
·                                 Car’s line
·                                 Architecture
·                                 Chemical and raw materials
·                                 Cosmetic products/medical supplies
·                                 Electronic appliances, communication and information technology
·                                 Food and beverage
·                                 tools
·                                 Machinery manufacturing
·                                 mould
·                                 packing
·                                 plastic
·                                 rubber
·                                 toys